What is Wildsense ?



Wildsense offers a turnkey solution that enables real-time tiger tracking, with scope to extend to other endangered animals, and it creates animal profiles for forensic analysis.

The unique ‘gamification’ aspect of the Wildsense app facilitates a greater awareness of wildlife at risk and offers great education benefits to a global audience. Wildsense app users engage as active participants that assist with data analsyis and are encouraged to contribute content

The Wildsense process involves these key elements:

1. Collection
Data is collected from online sources, including social media, image sharing services and e-commerce platforms. Text-based searches identify relevant content and metadata available online. This is supported by an option to upload information via the App.

2. Analysis
Data is analyzed and ranked by probability in terms of relevance of an image. Pattern matching algorithms and confidence-ranking calculations are applied at this stage.

3. Interaction
Users are asked to answer simple questions such as “Is there a tiger in this photo?” They are motivated through ‘gamification’ that provides achievements such as reward points & placement on a global leader-board based on their contribution. Importantly, this aspect of the application encourages, empowers and educates users, and increases awareness of wildlife trafficked species including those less common. This has the potential to both reduce consumer demand and have a direct impact on wildlife trafficking.
The large scale crowdsourcing aspect is further supported by global facts and figures that provide a real-time summary of progress. Users are able to easily see the results of the collective action of the community.

4. Profiling
Data is analyzed to profile individual animals with age, location and activity being determined, amongst other information. The information collected is then used to train a machine learning classifier that ultimately aims to automate data analysis and discovery.
Our computer vision algorithm can perform image recognition that has been tested in tiger faces and flanks. This is extremely useful in identifying individuals that have unique visual features, such as stripes. Analysis reveals activity patterns of individual animals which can be tracked over time using predictive analytics. Animals can be effectively monitored remotely and unobtrusively with the software acting as an alternative to a GPS collar or equivalent, which facilitates a better way of collecting wildlife data.
Wildsense is unique in its application of data analysis algorithms, gamification and machine learning. It is superior compared with existing alternatives that rely on closed datasets or user contribution alone.

Wildsense provides an important indication of habitat quality through its census of keystone species, as well as gaining insight into endangered species and wildlife through animal profiling. The app is an important step forward in the use of science and technology to track wild animals in a very non-invasive way.

The possibilities for Wildsense are exciting and priorities for expansion are currently being discussed in this product development stage of innovation.