A Week After the App Launch

Aaron Mason

The Wildsense Tigers app was released on Wednesday 18th March 2015 after many months of planning and hard work from the team. It has been downloaded in 47 countries since its release. An iPhone app has also been released which will enhance growth significantly worldwide.

Press Coverage

The last 7 days has been an interesting period full of activity. Our app was immediately featured by BBC News and BBC Newsround and we conducted interviews for radio and publications all around the world. Aaron Mason even did a live interview on BBC World Global News. It turned out that there was a global interest in our new iPad application.

This is the effect of global news coverage on our website traffic

This is the effect of global news coverage on our website traffic


As a result of the worldwide attention we are delighted to announce that the app has been downloaded thousands of times and there are thousands of active users. We have just calculated that the game has been played 37852 times!
The rapid adoption was extremely encouraging and motivates us to continue the project and fulfil our aim of analysing other wildlife.

As a result of the significant early adoption of the Wildsense Tigers app the team is currently planning expansion beyond the tiger species, with a view to incorporating cheetahs, lions and sharks for which there is interest already. There are potential opportunities to further explore a range of other animal species as well as flora and fauna.

This adoption was not without issues… there were a couple of bugs that we did not catch in our internal testing but thankfully we were able to fix and push out the changes rapidly. Thank you to everyone that contacted us with feedback and suggestions and for your general words of support.

The Experiment

At this moment in time there are a number of ‘power users’ and the top participant in the leaderboard has over one thousand gems. At this rate, we are confident that we will be able to complete our experiment successfully. However, there are still 100,000s of images to process so please keep on downloading on the app and contributing to the game.


We will be releasing an update to the iPad app in line with your feedback. This will include revised options for the steps of the game and access to the leaderboard. We are also considering an ‘undo’ button. If you have any other feedback or suggestions please get in touch.

Thank you

Thank you for your support. It is motivating to discover that there is an active community of people in the world who are willing to give up their time for our project and the overall cause.

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    Well done for a brilliant app.

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      Gee whiz, and I thghout this would be hard to find out.