Wildlife Photo-ID Network 2015 Workshop

Aaron Mason

Wildsense founder, Aaron Mason, was one of many keynote presenters invited to the third Wildlife Photo-ID Network workshops in Helsinki, Finland.

The event covered multiple aspects of wildlife monitoring using photo identification approaches, with a particular emphasis on crowdsourcing and citizen science.
There were a range of talks across different challenges, from newt identification to counting penguins! It was a fascinating and informative event.

The Wildsense talk focused on our work with camera traps, Tiger Nation and the Wildsense project progress to date. A glimpse of what can happen in the future was also shared. (We will post the slides in due course)

We would like to express our thanks to the organisers put putting together such an amazing workshop. This was the third and final funded workshop as part of the programme but we do hope that the work will continue in some form.