The Wildsense team has a passion for the conservation of wildlife, flora and fauna worldwide, and this is carried through into the Wildsense mission statement, which is:

To be the most effective crowdsourcing platform and a leader in the collective intelligence of behavioural patterns of the world’s endangered species.

The Wildsense team has significant experience in software engineering, user design, conservation and machine learning. The system has been crafted to make maximum use of their unique combination of skills and expertise, and builds upon academic work carried out as part of the Tiger Nation project which is dedicated to the protection of India’s remaining wild tigers (


Meet the team

  • aaron

    Aaron Mason


    Aaron (@aaronmase) is passionate about wildlife and how technology can be applied to make positive changes to the world. He founded Wildsense as part of his PhD research at University of Surrey. Aaron also founded Tiger Nation in an effort to find and follow India’s remaining wild tigers.

  • Paul-Krause1

    Paul Krause


    Paul leads the Digital Ecosystems Research Group at University of Surrey. His research interests include digital and industrial ecosystems as complex adaptive systems and use of ICT to support sustainable living and social change. He has over 24 years experience in machine inference and data mining techniques.

  • jonathan

    Jonathan Hodrien


    Jonathan has been heavily involved with environmental charities as a past director of Stakeholder Forum, Director of Friends of Conservation, and Chair of Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK and Global Tiger Patrol. He is on the Executive Board of Surrey Nature Partnership